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I've lost track of how many people have said to me, "We don't have a video of our wedding, but I wish we did."

Your wedding day is going to be a blur, a whirlwind of joy, love, and celebration. And then it will be over. This will be one of the most important days of your life; don’t let it fade away in your memory.
Twenty years from now, when you’ve forgotten your best man’s toast or the words your father said that brought a tear to your eye, you can experience it all over again. You’ll have a lasting memory of your wedding day to share with your children and grandchildren. And, as time goes on, you’ll have remembrances of loved ones that have passed away.
You only have one opportunity to videotape your wedding. You can trust it to a friend or relative with little or no experience, or you can hire a professional who knows how to capture all of those important moments destined to be priceless memories. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and to see if Treasured Memories Video is the right videographer for you.
"I cannot say enough positive things about having Dave do our wedding video. The quality is incredible. I wish I could convince everyone to get a wedding video. Nothing compares to it and you absolutely will not regret it. You could, however, seriously regret not having it. Dave is so reasonable, accommodating, and kind. I recommend him without hesitation all the time!"
couple kissing in a still from their wedding video
Mia E.
"Dave from Treasured Memories was fantastic to work with, and produced an awesome video! He captured our energy and the emotions of the day, and condensed it into a cohesive, thoughtful video. He captured the ceremony from two angles, and I loved the way he integrated them. Dave was responsive to emails, he was flexible with the timing, even staying later to adjust to delays in our day. I would absolutely recommend Dave - I am so glad we decided to have a videographer and that we chose him. "
closeup on rose from wedding video still
Tracy G.
"I can’t explain how happy we were with Dave’s professional, efficient, and personable service. We almost didn’t hire a videographer, and the ceremony video turned out so beautifully that my grandmother watches it every single day. To me there is no better testament than that. Thank you so much Dave!"
Wedding party on the alter in a still from their wedding video
Lena C.
“Thank you for the wonderful job you did with capturing our wedding day. Our video truly is a work of art that we will forever cherish. We look forward to many more happy viewings with generations to come.”
outdoor wedding video cropped
Alison Z.
“Yesterday we received our copy of the video of Erin & Scott’s wedding. I was brought to tears as if I was seeing it for the first time! You did a wonderful job of capturing so many “moments”… these are memories we will cherish forever! Jim and I thank you so much for doing such a great job!”
outdoor wedding video square cloudy
Gwen B.

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