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Treasured Memories Video specializes in Video Biographies, or Legacy Videos.

Although we don’t like to talk about it, the truth is that none of us is here forever. And when your loved ones are gone, their stories are gone as well. You’ll have photos, but never again will you be able to hear their voice or see their mannerisms. Photos just can’t convey someone’s personality.

But with video, you can revisit your loved ones. This can be a comfort during the grieving process, and can allow you to share these beloved family members with future generations. I understand how important it is; videotaping both my grandmother and my father before their deaths was what set me on the path to being a videographer.

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"It was very shortly after (my father) passed, it was less than a week, that we saw (the video) together as a family. It was like he was visiting with us, and he was talking and he was sharing, and it really helped the healing process. It helped the grieving process."
Dana Leone
Dana L.
"Jane and I watched all three videos this past week. Loved them! The last one was my favorite. And I loved the background songs that were used. Brought back and preserved for posterity lots of memories and, I hope, a few words of wisdom and advice for future generations. Your initiative and hard work produced an outstanding result."
Tim McGinley
Tim M.

Video biography sample, featuring Dwinell “Bart” Bartlett.

Dana Leone gives a heartfelt testimonial for the video bio we created for her father. It was completed just before he passed away, and he was able to watch it with the family.

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